Why control feral and pest animals using ground shooting?

Feral and pest animal control is a complex issue. A variety of methods are employed with varying degrees of success and a coordinated approach combining a number of methods is often required. However, ground shooting is a very precise way to remove targeted species in a humane way.

We provide dedicated, trained and accredited teams to deliver free (to land managers) ground-shooting programs, and are particularly suited to situations where:

      funds are limited or unavailable to otherwise support control

      target animal densities are low and shooting is uneconomical for land managers

      vegetation cover is too dense for effective aerial control

      target species are hard to locate

      target species are not susceptible to baiting

      the risk of killing off-target species using other methods is significant

      data needs to be collected on animals controlled

      research samples (e.g. stomach, genetic) are required

      high-frequency, repeat control activities are required or desirable

   ground shooting can complement other control methods