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The Latest Newsletter March 2018

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2018 Activity Program      
Membership Application (PDF)        Membership Application(Word)
Membership Renewal Form      
New Member - Evidence of Firearm Licence      
SSAA Membership Form    
SO9 SSAA Form      


Activity & Training Registration Forms    
Activity Coordinator-TeamLeader Application    
Activity Registration + Pre-exisitng Injury or Medical Condition Form (PDF)   OR   (Word)
Approval For Handload DEWNR    
DEWNR Approval for Use of Firearms    
DEWNR Shooter Participation Declaration    
Spotlighting Accreditation Form    
Spotlighting Accreditation Target      
Practical Firearm Assessment      
Training Registration Application (PDF)                Training Registration Application (Word)
Guidelines and Health & Safety Documents      
First Aid Kit - (vehicle/camp)      
First Aid Kit - (personal/pack)      
Advice to C&WM Member      
Approved Calibres      
Field Activity Roles      
Field Activity Checklist (Word)      
Drug & Alcohol Policy      
Grievance Procedure      
Health and Safety Guidelines      
Incident and Bodily Injury Investigation Report


Incident and Bodily Injury Notification & Action                       (PDF)   OR   (Word)    
Member Guidelines & Information    
Report of Inappropriate-Unsafe Behaviour      
Safety Committee Policy      
SWI_Alighting from a vehicle      
SWI_Brookfield & BushBlocks Transect Hunting    
SWI: Hunting in Teams & Handling Firearms      
SWI_Spotlighting Checklist & SWP      
SWI_Stalking to Contact Pest Animals by Groups      
Witness Statement      
Activity Coordinator Documents      
C&WM Brochure      
Activity Documents for the Activity Coordinator & Team Leader    
Activity Coordinator's Role      
Activity Induction, Registration & Attendance      
Activity Proposal Form(Word)      
Activity Report (PDF)      
Activity Report (Word)      
Advice to Landowner      
Cull Activity Tally Sheet (auto sum-exls)      
Cull Activity Tally Sheet (PDF)      
Codes of Practice for humane destruction      
Mentor Field Activity Report (pdf)      
Mentor Field Activity Report (doc)      
Missing Person - Retrieval Request      
Permission to Hunt on Private Land_C&WM      
Permission to Hunt on Private Land_DEWNR      
Risk Assessment ATV-Quad Bike      
Risk Assessment - Animal Control Activities      
Spotlighting Datasheet      
Spotlighting Sumary Sheet      
Wildlife in South Australia
Council Nomination Form      
C&WM Proxy Form      
Expenses Claim Form      
Firearms Loan Form      
RFDS Donation      
Firearms Legislation      
Firearms Act 2015      
Firearms Regulations 2017      
SAPOL Prohibited Weapons